Josh Medlock, Director of Missions and Student Ministries

What is the most beautiful sight in nature that you have ever seen?

For me it would have to be the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

I spent my childhood in Colorado and never fully appreciated the majesty, the magnificence or the sheer magnitude of those mountains.

We would go camping, climb rocks at the Garden of the Gods in Red Rocks, and fish the streams and lakes for rainbow trout.

I remember there was a road we took that was often referred to as the “Road of All Seasons” because you could drive through snow in the spring and see leaves changing around the next corner, and the temperature was 85 degrees when you reached the campgrounds. 

I have not been any place since where I felt I was truly witnessing creation.

It was as if the modern world simply ceased to exist, and I could become one with nature and enjoy it exactly as God created it.

Then I had children … 

I saw God so clearly in the birth of both of my children.

To know that life had been created, a gift that I was a part of, the magnitude and awesomeness was not lost on me.

I have never been so humbled.

When I afford myself the time to actually reflect on this gift it still humbles me.

It makes me realize how precious and fragile life and creation really are.

Even in nature, life is precious and fragile.

Forest fires can bring the tallest and oldest trees down and reduce them to ash.

Volcanoes can erupt and level the tallest mountain.

Glaciers can march their way toward oceans and strip the land, leaving behind nothing but smooth rock and sand.

Yet creation and life endure.

From the ashes new life springs forth bursting with color, and with enough time will cover the landscape with the lush green colors of summer.

Eruptions make way for new landscapes to form and with it, given enough time, life returns in abundance.

Glaciers clear the landscape and allow new places for life to take root and new valleys to be formed that can give birth to fish, animals and birds.

Our church is part of this creation. Right now we are in a place that reminds us how fragile and precious we are.

Many are fearful the fires will come, the earthquakes will rumble, the volcanoes will erupt and the glaciers will march through, and we simply won’t recover.

Others are fearful simply because change is here, and cannot process where they will fit into what comes next.

Still others are choosing not to look ahead, remaining in the past and present and simply trying to “wait it out.”

One thing I have learned from watching creation in all its wonder and majesty is this:

From the ashes new life is born.

From the rubble endurance and perseverance prevail. 

Life goes on. It will sound different. It will look different. It will feel different. It will be … different.

Our church will be different.

However, it will be what God needs it to be for the next step in creation.

We are all part of the same big world. We are all the children of God and the love that God has for us all is the same. We all struggle with showing that same love to our neighbors.

Rest assured no matter where you are at on this journey God loves you. Nothing will ever change that.

From the ashes the church will rise and God will be there with us.

Take some time to watch a sunrise or sunset.

Enjoy a thunderstorm or the rain.

Revel in this wonderful creation that we are all a part of.

Take a breath. God is there with you.

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