Eldred Marshall, Artist-in-Residence, Associate Director of Music Ministries

This Christmastide, I opted to do something a little different. For the first time ever, I’m actually marking the 12 days of Christmas.


Because I want to enjoy the light for as long as I’m allowed!

In the mess that was my life towards the end of 2019, the one thing that kept me sane was our emphasis on “light” throughout Advent and Christmas.

More than once in the course of our December worship services, my mind wandered to the scripture “You are the light of the world … ” (Matthew 5:14).

Just yesterday during my workout, the verse (paraphrased) popped up in my head: “You are the salt of the earth – what good are you if you’ve lost your flavor? … ” (Matthew 5:13). 

Salt and light – two timeless metaphors that will remain with us until Jesus returns. Why are these verses so critical to us in this time?
In my almost 40 years on Earth, this is the first time I’ve seen “grown-ups” collectively dread a new year. And for good reason.

From implementation of the Traditional Plan and what that means for The United Methodist Church, its universities and our local church …

to the 2020 US presidential election and all it entails …

to Brexit and all that may entail for the global economy …

to issues more personal like aging parents or health worries …

We have plenty on our emotional plate.

This on top of whatever other curveball life may throw our way in our lives.
The world is in a period of darkness. It needs God’s light.  
God’s light is inside of us as Christians. We are that light.
Through faithful prayer and Bible study, we can keep our oil replenished so that our light shines brightly. This way, a weary world can enjoy the light.
May we keep the faith and draw closer to Him in this New Year.
Let’s be the light. And still, Merry Christmas!

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