Rev. Valarie Englert, Senior Pastor

Yesterday we completed a three-part worship series on the “3 Simple Rules” of the Methodist movement with a discussion of the third rule – “Stay in Love with God.”

Here are a few ways you might consider putting that rule into practice this week:

Works of Piety
– Search the scriptures

  • ask questions of it
  • wonder about a passage that puzzles you
  • memorize a Psalm
  • read the daily lectionary

– Attend virtual worship this coming Sunday

– Share the Love Feast (since we can’t gather physically for communion)

– Spend just five minutes in silent prayer

– Fast for a day or a portion of a day, or choose something to fast from for a day, like social media, the news, screens, etc.

Works of Mercy
– Gather school supplies for donation to Freeman Elementary

– Purchase food items for donation to Austin Street Center

– Learn more about anti-racism

– Check on a neighbor

– Record yourself reading a children’s book for our Learning Academy kids

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