Kitty Williams, Director of Music Ministries

I will occasionally search the Internet – “This day in history.”

Usually war history and celebrity birthdays are at the top of the list.

But there are also the scientists and engineers with all their inventions and discoveries.

The musicians and artists with their compositions.

And occasionally an author with a famous book.

I wonder, what is special about this day for me?

When I was the Director of Music at Wesley United Methodist Church in Greenville, Texas, instead of saying, “see you later,” one of our older gentlemen would say, “Make it a good-un!”

Meaning make this day a good one.

That actually has great wisdom and some deep theological implications!

Consider this – how do you make this day a good one?

Sometimes we go about our day, letting our day happen to us, instead of intentionally making it a good-un. 

Granted, there are days that are legitimately bad.

But sometimes, I will allow myself to complain about everyone and everything.

During this pandemic, many of us have had those griping and complaining days.

We end up saying things, writing letters and emails, or posting things that only tear down each other, the church and the Kingdom of God.

When I do this, the Holy Spirit urges me to stop and consider, “Was my action really God’s calling?” 

What is God’s calling?

That topic is another interesting Internet search – “Bible verses on God’s call.”

The top results are “to do justice,” “speak for those who can’t speak for themselves,” “love one another,” and the list goes on.

Interestingly, it doesn’t say complain or speak critically of others. 

Well – that’s it.

That’s something for us to reflect on today. 

Make it a good un!

Peace to you! 

PS – Click here to listen to Joey Fisher’s arrangement of This is the Day the Lord Has Made by Isaac Watts. (Thanks Joey!)

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