Dr. Eldred Marshall, Artist-in-Residence, Associate Director of Music Ministries

June 6 sits boldly on my calendar.
It’s the day when we can say that our long 2020 Lenten nightmare is over.
When leadership announced our return date, a certain inspiration in my practice sessions that has been missing for 14 months suddenly reappeared.
Instead of lying awake at night wondering if music would return to the stage, or if I would have a church to return to, I now lay awake planning and re-planning concerts.
My mood is quickened, and I feel a sense of positivity that I hope is infectious.
I can’t wait to experience the thrill of leading the congregation through robust hymns of praise from the organ. 

I eagerly anticipate the Chancel Choir filling the loft again, singing joyous anthems to God.
In my inner ear, I once again hear the Bell Choir ringing praises to our Lord, Jesus Christ.
I can’t wait to reconnect and reacquaint myself with the new Pure Joy! Youth Choir as, in these last 14 months, the membership has changed.
My mind hasn’t stopped racing with potential projects, possible serial concerts, or probable theatrical productions for a revived West Avenue B Community Concerts series.
While I am thankful to the overlong 2020 Lent for forcing me to get more comfortable with cameras and microphones, I’m raring to move onward and upward.
I can’t wait to play for you once again. In real life.
I pray I see you soon!

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