Dr. Eldred Marshall, Artist-in-Residence, Associate Director of Music Ministries

If 2020 was a year we just felt glad to survive, 2021 was the year that war and strife invaded every corner of our lives. 

Like 2020, 2021 began with a sense of hope, only for it to dash away. 

All around us, pitched anger and discontent became the norm.

It seems as though we have entered a sustained season of rioting mixed with fatigue.

This was a difficult year for everyone. 

As a result, I have decided to leave my New Year’s party hat in the closet, and to eschew making any New Year’s Resolutions. 

Instead, I am trying something different.

Knowing that 2022 might look like 2021, which itself was a reaction to 2020, which began in 2019 and has roots in the past, I’m closing out this year, and opening the new year, with prayer: 

May God will show us how to be a light in a fallen world; 

May God refill our souls with a fresh helping of grace, patience, love, and esteeming others better than ourselves; 

May God help us keep our lamps trimmed and burning as we await the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, for He is coming soon. 


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