Scripture: Psalm 116:17

The dancer took her place at the front of the sanctuary.

Her body was loosely bent, her head bowed, and her arms draped lightly to her sides.

As the pianist’s notes and choir voices joined together, “…Fill My Cup, Lord…” began to reverberate throughout the sacred space.

The dancer stretched and raised her right hand in a graceful upswept arc to the left; then, in a moment, with her left hand mirrored the movement to the right, the emerging shape of a chalice could be discerned in the air.

During the following minutes, the dancer illustrated the prayerful words of the entire song.

The congregation’s worshippers, long accustomed to the gifts of vocal and instrumental music, were moved to both hear and see the plea for filling sustenance and the hope for overflowing wholeness.

The rhythmic movement of fingers striking piano keys, the range of vocal inflections and facial expressions, and the expressive choreographed steps attested to hours of practice and planning attuned to innate abilities and learned skills.

As the concluding chord and last syllable rang, the dancer’s final pose fixed, the offering lingered; indeed, a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving was made to the Lord.

Thanks be to you, O God!

We are forever grateful for your sacrifice of love poured out in Jesus.

Let our offerings of time, abilities, talents, material resources, and constant prayer be a sacrifice of thanksgiving from our hearts to yours.

In Christ, Amen.

Kathleen Overby Webster
McGaheysville, VA

A daily Lenten devotional reprinted with permission from The Society of St. Andrew to inspire help sharing nourishing food with neighbors in need. 

Every $1 donated provides more than 40 servings to those in greatest need. A donation of $47 for the 47 days in Lent provides more than 1,880 servings. 

What a way to celebrate the resurrection of hope and lift the cup of salvation for our hungry neighbors! 

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