Scripture: Psalm 116:12

In Psalm 116, we read that God delivered the Psalmist from all kinds of trials and tribulations: from his spiritual struggles to near-death experiences.

The Psalmist responds to this loving deliverance from God in verse 12, “What shall I render to the LORD for all his benefits to me?”

He demonstrates his love by lifting the cup of Salvation in gratitude for all God has done.

What about me? How can I respond to the goodness God has shown me?

As I journey through this season of Lent and reflect on what Jesus did for me and the price he paid, I am mindful of what Paul says in Philippians 2, “Christ Jesus, who, though he was in the form of God … emptied himself and humbled himself even to death on a cross.”

He did that for each of us. What can I possibly give in return?

Trials filled this past year. The pandemic, loss of loved ones, financial hardship, and natural disasters, to name a few.

God’s help sustained me and helped me endure.

Like the Psalmist, I gratefully lifted up the cup of Salvation in thanksgiving to God.

I desire to give my whole life – with all my being, to serve him with thanksgiving and praise.

Prayer: God of the Universe, you have offered us the cup of Salvation. We accept this cup, knowing you gave yourself freely and love us. We are deeply grateful. Amen. 

Deb Broadwater, Moneta, VA

A daily Lenten devotional reprinted with permission from The Society of St. Andrew to inspire help sharing nourishing food with neighbors in need. 

Every $1 donated provides more than 40 servings to those in greatest need. A donation of $47 for the 47 days in Lent provides more than 1,880 servings. 

What a way to celebrate the resurrection of hope and lift the cup of salvation for our hungry neighbors! 

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