The Cup of Salvation

Daily Lenten Devotional

Reprinted with permission from The Society of St. Andrew

Lent is a season of self-examination, reflection and change!

How quickly things changed for Jesus after his entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, the horror of his arrest, the brutality of his crucifixion and then His resurrection Easter Day!

What a mix of emotions the followers of Jesus must have experienced. What uncertainty! 

Consider others in the midst of their season of change during these uncertain times.

Post pandemic, many lost jobs, and others lost homes.

Finances have run out – but not the hunger of their children!

What are they to do? Where are they to turn?

You, Society of St. Andrew donors and gleaners, are heroes who leapt to the rescue giving your gifts, along with your hands and feet, to help meet the physical needs of others.

The farmers who work with us have been blessed with an abundant harvest, over and above their contracted crops.

They gladly share the abundance for people in need to receive good, wholesome food.

But it takes you to keep the food moving from the farm to the plates of our hungry neighbors!

This year, 2022, is the 43rd birthday of the Society of St. Andrew’s ministry!

SoSA resurrected the biblical teaching about gleaning for the purpose of feeding the hungry, the poor, and the traveler – and brought it into the 21st century.

Now, in the 21st century, God’s plan provides countless opportunities for farmers, donors, churches, and volunteers to come together to harvest and share nourishing food with their neighbors in need.

SoSA provides these devotionals as a free resource, with the hope that you, our honored readers, will join in this quest to continue God’s gleaning plan!

It takes your efforts, and it takes your financial gifts!

Every $1 you donate provides more than 40 servings of food to those in greatest need.

Consider donating $47 for the 47 days in Lent. You can provide more than 1,880 servings!

What a way to celebrate the resurrection of hope and lift the cup of salvation for our hungry neighbors! 

Ash Wednesday, March 2

Snow Day Sacrifice

Scripture: Hebrews 13:6

It was a cold, snowy day in Traveler’s Rest several years ago when I stopped in at Pete’s to get lunch.

A homeless man walked in, asked the girl behind the counter how much a hot dog, coffee, and fries would be. She told him, and he carefully counted the coins in his hand.

He asked how much just a hot dog and coffee would be, she told him, and he ordered that.

The cook, a large burly man behind the serving counter, kept an eye on the man.

After seeing the order, the cook called the waitress. A moment later, she delivered the hot dog, coffee, some fries, an apple pie, a bag with food for later, and hot coffee to go.

When the man was leaving, I saw the cook shake the man’s hand. He passed him a few bills he had taken from his wallet.

You know, sometimes saints wear cook’s aprons and look like burly, hard-shelled men.

Since then, I look for people to bless on cold or snowy days in honor of this unnamed saint.

A cup of hot coffee may be the cup of Salvation for someone.

Prayer: Dear God, who meets us all where we are in greatest need, open my eyes to see others as you see them and to respond as you would. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.