A spiritual practice for Advent

Rev. Dr. Scot Bontrager, Senior Pastor

I like to program computers.

For me, programming is like doing crossword puzzles or knitting.

It’s something I do to keep my brain active, to relieve stress, and to give me a sense that I’m accomplishing something.

I love building things that other people can use and enjoy.

Almost a decade ago I wrote a program for the Order of Saint Luke, which I called “Breviary,” to help us pray together.

Br. Dwight Vogel started calling it “Web-Amplified Daily Office,” which got shortened to “WADO.”

I’ve never been fond of this name, but it stuck. 

To be fair, we aren’t good with naming things.

The team which has been working on structuring our prayer life is called the “Daily Office Revision Team” (DORT).

WADO is the tool for collecting and displaying the work of DORT.

We need a marketing department to come up with better names for us.

WADO 1.0 has been showing its age and was in need of some new features.

Instead of just fixing the bugs and adding new features, I decided to rewrite it completely.

When it was too rainy to go on the beach while I was on vacation, I worked on WADO – programming is relaxing for me.

WADO 2.0 is ready to go. We are still loading in the data.

There are still bugs. But you can use it now.

If you need a new spiritual practice during Advent, try praying liturgical prayers along with us.