Kitty Williams, Director of Music Ministries

My husband Wally and I recently visited our daughter Lindsey and her husband in northwest Washington state.

Nature’s beauty up in that ‘neck of the woods’ is astounding!

Somehow all the right conditions come together (climate, soil, sunlight, moisture) and cause common plants to grow more beautifully extravagant than most places.

One cannot help but contemplate creation in that environment.

I loved seeing a giant sequoia.

It is one of my favorite trees because of it’s massive size, resilience, longevity and beauty. I’m amazed that this magnificent tree starts from a seed smaller than a grain of oat.

To tell the truth, contemplating creation ‘blows my mind.’ 

Thinking about the organization of the universe, the configuration of our solar system, the construction of our earth, the composition of all matter, all the DNA sequences that make up all things living, not to mention the human brain which is able to contemplate all this – it’s unfathomable.

I’m speechless. 

When I contemplate the night sky, the cosmos which all unfolded from a speck, galaxies, stars, this beautiful earth – 

Who are we humans, that you attend to us? Mere mortals in our tiny corner, and you love us? 

We are life come to knowing and feeling. 

The whole world is in our hands – plants and animals, oceans and ice caps, rain forests, atmosphere and ecosystem. 

Touch our hearts, O God, make us worthy of this trust 

Help us care for life on this beautiful earth. 

– From Psalm 8, paraphrased by Christine Robinson 

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